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Last updated on 16 May 2022

About I think of myself an eclectic (multidisciplinary) mix; part designer and developer, I've given up on trying to absolutely define myself. For my studio, I go from research – design – development and everything in-between: seeing, making, resting, problem solving. I find the purest energy and joy when inspiration from found patterns in life such as physical objects, memories, nature, art, music or serendipity finds expression through screen-based/digital media.

The Studio is where programming moves parallel with design; a space to push pattern-making with functional, robust, elegant and even expressive code. This website, and this text, is forever under construction, a window into thoughts and works-in-progress. It is constantly updated with "new", old things made new again, or on some days, a complete overhaul. A laboratory, a practice for my practice. You can still view the previous version of my website here.

Recently featured on Load More, It's Nice That, SiteInspire, Hoverstates

Currently Creative Developer at FIELD Systems.

Education MA in Interaction Design (HKU), Digital Media (Hyper Island), BFA in Industrial Design (UP CFA)

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