Ezekiel Aquino

Studio for Programmatic Design



a generative composition

and reflections on

Collisions (2020)

Last updated on 11 January 2021

Programmatic: of the nature of or according to a programme, schedule, or method

I think of myself an eclectic (multidisciplinary) mix; part designer and developer, I've given up on trying to absolutely define myself. For my studio, I go from research – design – development and everything in-between: seeing, making, resting, problem solving. Drawing inspiration from found patterns in life (physical objects, nature, music, movement and/or its technical/accidental processes) and expressing them through screen-based/digital media, is one of the purest sources of energy and joy.

In the studio

programming moves parallel with design, a space to push pattern-making with code: functional, robust, elegant and even expressive.

This website

(and this text) is forever under construction. I like to think of it as a window into thoughts and works-in-progress. It is constantly updated with new compositions, new versions of existing ones, or on some days, a complete overhaul. This site serves as a laboratory; a practice for my practice. It was recently featured in It's Nice That[↑].

Current studio obsessions

folding[↑], funk, music notation, musical patterns, Shostakovich, Ravel, Tomasz StaΕ„ko, impressions, imagery from audio, perspective drawing methods, architectural elevations[↑]

It's Nice That, Hoverstates [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

Frontend developer at BB

BFA in Industrial Design (UP CFA)
MA in Interaction Design (HKU)
Digital Media (Hyper Island)

You can still view the previous version of my website here.